Commitment Ceremonies



Our First Commitment Ceremony was so beautiful and such a wonderful experience.  Love  has no limitations and comes from within, deep inside a persons soul and heart.  


Love should not be denied to anyone, and if it happens to be between two persons of the same sex who are we to judge. 


Same sex marriages are now legal in the state of Mississippi,and other states so  two people can make a commitment to each other to share their lives together as life long partners, or become legally married .


If you are not ready to make the Marriage Ceremony a part of your life just yet, a "Commitment Ceremony" is just the ideal ceremony to devote your future to each other.


We wish our best to each of you who are going down this path of your lives and may you always have the love and joy as well as happiness and support you both deserve.


If a Commitment  or  Same - Sex  Wedding Ceremony is in your future plans, please contact us to help plan your special event.


Click here to view our recent commitment ceremony photos


 To learn more about Commitment Ceremonies or LGBTQ  continue through our website.


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