Special Touches

Pictures can be simple, casual, normal and usual. Then there are pictures that are exceptional, breath taking and WOW!!!  You wish you would have been able to have a picture taken there or even something different?  Here are a some pictures that I have taken from ordinary to ... well I will let you decide!!  More will be added as I have permission from the couples to do so.

I want my clients to book me for my work. Not my prices. I want them to come to me and say 'THIS' is why I HAD to have you. No one else has your style and I'm in love with it.


KV Events & Photography have a completeness of being able to offer an Officiate and Photograhy service to their clients.  They are out to be known as giving their clients what they are looking for at reasonable prices and be known for their work, understanding and kindness, not their prices.  They feel their clients can have a beautiful ceremony or photo collection without all the big expenses so they are known as a budget friendly,  but a professional team.  Whether your wedding is a small intimate event or a large, all day party, you will receive many digital images that will be cherished forever.

We can make your photos romantic

Love is in the Air

Romance  by the Lake

Like what you see? Would you love to have photos like these?  I can take you there so contact me to arrange a meeting!!

Let us make your photos magical.We can give you the traditional photos and we can give you the impresive wow photos. Want to see and know more?  Click our contact us button above.

The photo to the left is a very special and touching creation by KV Events & Photography.  When Dennis & Jonathan told us their story of how they met and the first night the slept under the moon and knew they would be together forever, I couldn't resist making this their special photo.  Jonathan is full Choctaw Indian and the poem was so fitting for their wedding ceremony  so what better way then to  include it into their forever photo.  Thank you Dennise and Jonathan for allowing me to share your photo wiht the world.  After 14 1/2 years together they finally made their marriage legal on May 5, 2016.  Congratulations to both of you!