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Dave and I  are dedicated ordained wedding professionals who have joined together to offer an affordable and professional service for couples seeking a minister or officiant for their wedding day.

Based in South Mississippi, we offer a professional wedding officiant/ministry service for those who may not have a home church, have a mixed faith home, want a unique celebration, would like to have a vow renewal, or simply just want a small elopement ceremony at a location of their choice.

We do not require pre-marital counseling or classes, and we work with brides and grooms from all religions, backgrounds, and beliefs to make your wedding day dreams come true! Whether you have children, pets, or come from different faiths, we can work with you to make your ceremony perfect and complete in ways that you never imagined.


Frequently Asked Questions

* What exactly does an officiant do? A Wedding Officiant is the person who stands at the end of the aisle, says a few words, closes with "you may now kiss the bride", gets the marriage licenses signed, and then goes on his or her merry way, right? Unfortunately, this is not even close! Most people, as we have found, have no idea how much time is really spent on a wedding and the preparation leading up to it! The officiant is a busy "behind the scenes"     person. They help write and plan the ceremony, meet with the couple, and they may provide pre-marital counseling. At a rehearsal, a wedding officiant may provide some basic wedding coordination with the processional, staging, and other details that may be important to a couple. However, your minister or officiant is one of the most busy people during the wedding planning stages, and they are involved with every aspect of your perfect ceremony!


* Do you require pre-marital counseling or marriage classes?  No, we do not. Many of the couples we serve have been living together for years, and some have come from different faith backgrounds. We want to work with everyone and not exclude those who truly want to commit. If you are interested in pre-marital counseling, we can gladly make recommendations!


* Do you travel?  Absolutely! For traveling 25-100 miles outside of Jackson, Harrison, or Hancock counties, your officiant may have a nominal fee. Please check with him or her directly. If we travel outside of a 100 mile radius, a premium travel fee will apply.


* Do you require a contract?
Yes.  For our protection and yours, we do require a signed contract. This ensures you have an officiant at your wedding, and that we are not overbooked, or have a conflict of interest with scheduling. It also provides valuable information for the officiant in regard to dates, times and contact information. Having a contract in place protects not only the couple, but the minister from unforeseen circumstances and gives a clear level of expectation of the working relationship between the couple and their chosen officiant.

* Are you available for a last minute wedding? My minister just cancelled!
If we are free, we will happily fill the spot of the minister who was unable to attend. We will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best wedding day possible! Please note: last minute weddings with a guest count of more than 15 will be priced according to Classic Package pricing. You can always call 228.342.1164 or email to find out if we are available.

* Can you meet with us ahead of time?
Definitely! Some of our couples prefer online or phone contact. However, some people prefer to meet in person to discuss wedding details, and we can accommodate that as well. We provide free in-person pre-contract consultations. If we are unable to provide this service we will gladly discuss your needs via phone, or email. If you would like a consultation before booking, please call or email me to inquire.

* Do you have prepared ceremonies available? What about unity ceremonies?
We have a special book full of ceremonies, vows, readings, and unity celebrations that can be performed at weddings.  I am in the process of making a PDF file with our ceremonies, vows, reading and other wedding ideas.  In the meantime I have a few ideas on our website. If you want to write your own vows you are welcome to, or you may pick from several traditional ceremonies.

* Do you have your own sound system?
We are sorry but at this time we do not, but in the near future we plan to have a battery-operated, portable amplifier system, complete with microphones. It will be appropriate for venues and reach up to 400 guests. If it is determined to be a worthwhile investment, other team members will be providing this service in the future!


* How do I book my wedding day with you?
Please visit our Contact Us page. To book your wedding day with us, we require a non-refundable 50% retainer fee with a signed contract. We accept payment through PayPal, Cashier’s Check, Cash or Money Order through USPS or mail. Please note that bookings are first come, first served, and if we do not receive a deposit and signed contract, we are unable to guarantee your date.

* Are you able to do more than one wedding in a day?
I reserve your date for you and you ONLY. The only way I would accommodate another wedding is if the location was within 5 miles of each other and 4 hours apart (ending time of first reserved wedding). But I prefer to perform only your wedding on that date, so you know that you have my undivided attention, or if for some unforeseen reason your ceremony may be running behind.


* What types of ceremonies do you perform?
I perform all types of ceremonies to fit your needs. I officiate religious, non-denominational, civil ceremony, non-religious, vow renewal, elopements , commitment and LBGTQ Weddings and Ceremonies. I've even performed theme and costumed weddings for creative couples! The only requirement I have for our ceremonies is that there is a valid marriage license presented before the ceremony begins and the couple take this ceremony seriously.

* Do you provide services to same-sex couples?
YES I do!  We are proud to offer services to same-sex couples.We provide Commitment and Wedding Ceremonies. Please see our Same Sex Weddings page for more information.

* What is included with your price? Are you competitive?
We want to encourage couples to seek out other officiant services and compare rates. You will not only find me to be in line with our competitors (or even slightly less), but you will find the quality of the services you receive from me to be worth every penny of your investment. I will join you in every step of your ceremony planning process, and provide valuable insight and experience with writing vows, choosing special songs or readings, or just offering reassurance to a nervous newlywed. I aim for professionalism and affordability, and believe that my price point provides both. Please visit our Services and Fees page to learn more about our fees and package.

* Are you licensed and able to perform weddings?
The state of Mississippi does not require ministers to be licensed to perform weddings. You simply must be ordained through a church and be declared ordained clergy or minister. Dave and myself are ordained and in good standing with our ordaining churches.

* How does payment work? When is it expected?
We require a non-refundable retainer fee of $50.00 or 50% of your package, as well as a signed copy of our contract to book your date. The remaining balance is due seven (7) days before the wedding depending on the package chosen.  If Officiant Service is all you require, balance is due night of the rehearsal along with your marriage license or if no rehearsal is needed balance is to be paid before your ceremony along with your marriage license before the ceremony begins. You may also pay in full up front if you so choose. Please note: we do NOT accept personal checks as a form of payment. Payment must be made out to your minister with cashier's check, money order, and cash or you can now pay through PayPal( I will provide that information if you choose to pay in this form).  If overnight accommodations are required all reservations must be paid through the couple and a confirmation number with the copy of the reservation be presented 1 month in advance of wedding date.

Do you have a question that we haven’t answered?  Please contact us and ask. We are here to help you in any way we can to make you comfortable and know that you are making the right decision in accepting us to perform your wedding ceremony.



Karen & Robert Davis


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