Is Eloping Right For You?

Bride and Groom

After months of waiting (with plans changing before your eyes), who wouldn’t daydream about eliminating all that unnecessary stress and just running off together, arm in arm? 

Is eloping right for you? Maybe! 

It’s a modern world… Elopement doesn’t imply what it used to.

It’s not a sudden, secret wedding conducted in whispers under the dark cover of night (unless you want it to be…you spooky romantic, you).

Eloping has become a celebration of empowerment: the power to break free of expectations and traditions that don’t fit your personalities or values.

It’s empowering to focus on what’s most important to you and your partner, in this moment. 

Eloping is also one of the ultimate choices in green weddings. It’s an eco-friendly opportunity to avoid the estimated 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide the average traditional wedding is estimated to create (according to Kate Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide).

That’s a lot of waste! Why not celebrate your love while loving the planet?

Eloping is simple, too. All you need are yourselves, a marriage license, a wedding officiant, and - depending on which state you’re in - a couple of witnesses.

Add a couple of outfits that make you feel fancy, and you’re all set!

Eloping can be wildly budget friendly.

While the average traditional wedding can cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, the simplicity of eloping can allow for a much smaller budget, with marriage licenses costing around $100 or less depending on your county and state. This leaves more money for whatever you choose to spend it on…

Even with the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on travel guidelines and restrictions, there are still many creative ways to elope, and even combine your elopement with a retro-style honeymoon or getaway. 





Want to revel in the moment with a truly private ceremony?

Eloping can be a perfect choice. If you’re worried that family and friends will be disappointed by missing your ceremony, you can choose to document your elopement through pictures and video (there are elopement photographers who specialize in just this sort of thing).  

You can still have plenty of snacks and drinks. just might be the perfect time for a guilt-free elopement. 

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