We all get to the point where we really cannot choose which vendor we want to hire.   You have met with all your choices and think you know the perfect choice, but then something is said which makes you second guess yourself.  Maybe a friend, your fiance or your Mother or future Mother in law makes a pleasant suggestion on something you didn't consider.  Now what are you going to do?


You think you have done all your research and then you think of something else you want to include in your wedding. Will your vendor  acknowledge your ideas?


Here are a few things that can help you make your final decisions when choosing your Vendor.


Meet in Person
Of course, you want your vendor team to be talented and dedicated to making your wedding amazing, but you also want your wedding pros to be people you actually enjoy spending time with. That’s why meeting with vendors—in person or at the very least, over Skype or video chat—is essential. ( I am still working on getting myself to use this form as I rather meet in person ) During these meetings, don’t only think about how the vendors answer your questions, but also consider how you get along with each of them. Is this a person you genuinely like and trust? Your instincts may be your best guide.


Ease of Communication

You’ll be communicating with your vendors frequently throughout your planning process, so think about how easy or difficult it has been to contact these vendors so far. While it’s unrealistic to expect your vendors to get back to you minutes after you reach out, if there’s one that takes days to respond, it might be a red flag. Also, think about how your vendors communicate—if you’re easier to reach via email, but a particular vendor is not email-savvy, that may be something to consider.


(Closely) Read Reviews

If you’re still stumped on which pro to hire, it’s time to a closer read of these reviews. A not-so-fantastic review shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but look more for ways that the vendors have gone above and beyond for couples. These reviews can help point you toward the truly special vendors.


Read Contracts and Package Information—Carefully
Budget is probably an important factor in your decision-making process, but don’t automatically discount the vendor whose package costs more. Read each vendor’s package details and contracts carefully and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. The vendor whose package seems more expensive may actually be providing more services for the money. And the vendor whose pricing seems low may be providing a bare-bones service that doesn’t suit your needs. Make sure you understand what you’re actually getting for your money before making a decision.


List Pros and Cons
If you’re really stumped, you may have to make a list of pros and cons for each vendor. Listing out all of the things you liked and didn’t like about a particular vendor may make your decision abundantly clear. When making your pros and cons list, pay close attention to the factors that will affect your guests’ experience, not just your own. Show your lists to friends and family members if you need a second (or third, or fourth) opinion.


Don’t Forget (I love this one...)
When you’ve made a decision, you should obviously let the vendor who you’re hiring know right away so you can start the contract process, put down a deposit and reserve the date. But you also need to let the vendor who you won’t be hiring know as soon as possible. If the vendor asks why you chose to go with a different pro, be honest but polite. Even though you won’t be hiring him or her, the vendor can use your feedback to improve his or her business.



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