This couple has to be one of the most precious and special people I have ever known.  Vickie has been a friend of mine since I moved to Mississippi and from the moment we first met in person we have been like sisters.  Our personalities and backgrounds, ideas and actions are so much alike that it scares our husbands to the unknown.


But this isn't about just Vickie and I, it is about the couple....Vickie and her husband Danny.  This is the first couple that my husband Dave married.


Vickie and Danny were married in the gardens of their home in Biloxi, Mississippi. They are such a fun couple full of jokes and laughter and their wedding was no different.

When the bride met her groom at the altar, there was no minister in sight and to say the least the groom was confused as to what was going on.  I wish I had a camera to show his face and the guest faces when there was no minister to be seen.  But between Vickie and I and of course Dave we knew what was going on, you see Danny was the type that said  "You make the arrangements and tell me what time to be there and I will show up".  So that is what we did.


The vows included a special agreement for Danny to love Vickies beloved Chihuahua, Red Red.  After the ceremony a brunch was served and a cake shaped as an open book was shared.  Pictures were then taken on the beach with friends and the loving couple.