Jessi & Tracy

Jessi and Tracy were married  at the Carrigan Farms  in Mooresville NC. This location  is absolutely breath taking.


This picture is a combination of two photos I took abnd blended together. Showing the proud father giving his daughter to her love of her life. And then the two of them walking out as Husband and wife.

Catching the grooms emotions is often overlooked by some photographers, and sometimes the groom trys to hide his emotions from others.  Not in this case. I was able to catch Tracys' emotions as he laid eyes on his bride for the first time coming towards him.

What a beautiful background as the bride and groom exchanged their vows to each other, As they mixed their two colors of sand that represented uniting their two families as one, the waterfall began.  Such a beautiful addition to their ceremony.

One last walk together before his daughter becomes a wife,  In the moments that followed a lifetime of  memories will become a new chapter in each of their lives. But one thing will always remain.  Jessi will always remain her fathers baby girl.