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Couple Canoodles

Janine Puhak

25 November 2019

Couple canoodles in mud for 'post wedding' photo shoot

Forget about “first looks” and champagne toasts — one couple broke the mold with a celebratory wedding photo shoot that showed them canoodling in the mud.

Last week, a series of photos showing the couple, identified as Jose and Anisha, went viral on Twitter. In the images, which were taken by Binu Seens Photography, the lovebirds could be seen smiling and cuddling while laying down in a muddy pool of water in a grassy countryside.

The exact location of the photo op remains unclear, The Indian Express reports.

While the Twitter post containing the shots has been liked nearly 2,300 times, commenters had a whole lot of snarky things to say about the swampy shoot.

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