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Hi there! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Karen Davis, I am the owner and Officiant of of KV Officiant Services.  I am a city girl that was born and raised in the state of Ohio... Yes, I am a Buckeye, and Yankee, but I am also a down to earth, fun loving, caring and outgoing person.  I moved to Mississippi in 2000 when I married Dave, who is now retired Navy.  Ihave become a or should I say I have always loved the Beach and Sand between my toes, so it is only fitting that I live here on the Gulf Coast.  I am a mother, and grandmother, but don't let that fool you, because I am still young at heart,  and always will be.  

So you ask how did I become a Wedding Officiant?  I became ordained to offering couples the chance to marry their loved one regardless of their religious beliefs, racial heritage, sexual orientation, or previous marriage(s). My best friend was getting married and they didn't attend a church, nor did they want to be married by the Justice of the Peace. That was 14 years ago and I have been officiating weddings ever since.  I guess you can say I have found my calling.  I have always as a child enjoyed weddings which I am sure most young girls do. Dreaming of the beautiful dresses and feeling llike a princess. 


I enjoy creating the creemony part that brings the couples together.and that the couples will remember.  Many couples today have other ideas of how they invision their wedding ceremony.  I still do the Traditional Ceremony, but I like to listen to what your ideas for 

your Ceremony is.  Times have changed and today you can allow me to create a Personalized Ceremony, that reflects your Love Story, or have a traditional approach.  I allow you to be as involved as you wish, or I can take control or we can work as a team.  I am here to make your ceremony as easy, fun and meaningful as you want. No matter the size of event you plan , I can help make your ceremony one your family and friends (or just you, the couple) will never forget.  I look forward to hearing about your Love Story and It would be My Honor to Officiate for You!




Starting at $60 On location within 15 miles — Mileage added for Sign-and-Go Ceremonies farther than 15 miles.   No retainer required. By appointment only.

  • One-Minute Ceremony

  • Just say, “I will” or “I do” at your chosen location

  • Must have Mississippi Marriage License

  • No Ring Exchange

  • No guest or witnesses

  • Add one high-resolution digital image (sent to your email) for $10

This option is perfect for couples who want a low-cost, legally binding marriage without a formal ceremony.  Click here to Book Now

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